June 28, 2018


Window Shield Repair/Replacement

There are several reasons to repair a windshield chip as soon as you can:

A windshield chip can crack at any time. Increased pressure could turn the chip into a crack at a moment's notice - including while driving.

Windshields provides up to 30% of a vehicle's structural strength. In a crash or roll-over accident it supports the roof, helps the airbags deploy and prevents you being thrown from the vehicle. If your windshield is weakened by a chip or a crack, you’re compromising your safety.

Windshield chip repair saves money. The cost of windshield replacement far exceeds that of repairing a chip. Repairing your windshield immediately could save you money down the line if your chip or crack grows larger from driving or weather. Costs can stack up if you choose to repair the chip yourself, as DIY Windhields Repair Kits do not have a warranty and may continue to crack, leaving you the only option of spending money yet again, on a windshield replacement.